About The Company

SESHA TOOLS was established in 1998, after gaining expertise for decades and hands on experience in Machine Tools, SPMs, Cutting Tools, Jigs and Fixtures, inspection and Measuring Equipments, on varied jobs and applications, for various sectors.

Since 2010, Sesha tools services has been renamed as Sesha tools pvt ltd.

SESHA TOOLS have grown rapidly right from its inception. Thanks to our valued customers, who have recognized our products for its unbeatable quality, competitive price and expeditious delivery, in the market place. They are also complementing with business for our products, on a continual basis.

SESHA TOOLS offer various products and services, catering to almost all the engineering sectors. We manufacture all types of carbide cutting tools and we are pioneer in offering specialised tooling solutions for the specific application and customer requirements. In a nutshell, we make carbide cutting tools that covers the application for the entire gamut of manufacturing sectors from "coffee grinders to aerospace" industry and beyond.

SESHA TOOLS have the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which includes 5 Axis CNC Tool and cutter Grinders, conventional Tool and Cutter Grinders, Universal Cylindrical Grinders, Centerless Grinder, CNC Lathe, Laser Marking Machine, Milling and Drilling machines, Vertical Machining Centers with 4th axis, etc., We propose to add further more facilities like CMM, Wirecut EDM etc., to substantiate our line of business.

SESHA TOOLS believes and practices product Development and Upgradation for the continous innovation and advancement of the cutting tool technology.

SESHA extend hands to its customers for “WIN-WIN” association.